Samar Hejazi | Visual Artist | Toronto | @samarhejazi

Geometries of Difference

Geometries of Difference

“(...) there is no place for women in these networks only geometries of difference and contradiction” - Donna Harraway, A Cyborg Manifesto

This work speaks to the internally discontinuous repetition of acts through time that construct the performative role of identification.

In this work these acts are expressed through the repetition of embroidery motifs. Each section of the work has its own centre while, as a whole it has many, guiding the viewer into a multitude of continuous directions. It sets the viewer’s gaze into motion to experience an infinite amount of patterns relative to the viewers vantage point. The rhythm of the work performs with the viewer, it shows variations and distortions of meaning within similar geometric form. The break in the repetitions through the transformation of material and technique challenges the validity of the principle of universality and is responsible for the perceivers doubts. It emulates a structured society’s attempt to strive for similarity rather than embracing difference.

This series is current and ongoing.

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