Samar Hejazi | Visual Artist | Toronto | @samarhejazi

Constant Change in Permanence

Constant Change in Permanence

With the use of various techniques in textiles, paper and printmaking, I contemplate/question the ability of cognition to define invariable truths.

The use of non conclusive movement, infinite fields of vision, repetition, continuity and light place the viewer in a constant position of doubt. Overlaying materials and unveiling moments visible through different vantage points leads to speculation of the work’s materiality and substance. The formation of an unchangeable truth about form and meaning is impossible. In the moment that it is thought to be defined a perspective shifts and the meaning is changed. This space of constant uncertainty awakens the imagination and creates the potential of infinite possibility. The only certainty in the experience of the work is its constant change within the permanence of its existence.

This series is current and ongoing.

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