As a trilingual woman of Palestinian descent, born in the U.S. and raised in diverse communities in the Middle East and Canada, I use my art to question ideas surrounding identity. 

Through meditations on traditional practices and my present environments, my work merges eastern and western styles to express how the crossing of cultures can form new identities. My choice in medium follows the conceptual needs of the piece which has primarily been embroidery, but also includes works on paper and new media.

The cross stitch embroidery technique is a way of honouring tradition. Both the female and Arab elements of this practice share a similar need for dialogue that I am interested in bringing to the forefront of conversation. 

In my recent work I explore the effects of internalized narratives embodied by a Diaspora.

I have shown work internationally alongside highly acclaimed artists such as Ai WeiWei, Carlos Arias and Roberto Montenegro.

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